Crashed Lives

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Martin, died aged 25

Martin died as a pedestrian in a hit and run collision on 1st November 2009 on Racecourse Road, Derry, walking home from Halloween celebrations at the Guild Hall. The guilty driver was convicted and imprisoned.

Martin was incredibly popular with family and friends.

He was a great runner, a Man United fan and a real home bird. He had run many marathons for charity.

His body was so mutilated his parents couldn’t see him after he died. They never got to say goodbye. He was struck by the car and his body was hurled up the road. He was just steps away from where he was going. He suffered extensive damage to his body including his brain, a broken arm, a broken leg, fractured ribs, an enlarged heart and a damaged eye.

Martin’s parents are bereft. They miss him constantly.

His mother said "you just die inside".