Crashed Lives

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Jamie, died aged 21

Jamie was driving on Ballyhackett Lane, Castlerock, on 28th March 2009, aged 21, when he was killed in a car crash. There were no other cars involved. The crash happened around 1.30pm. Jamie was a Learner driver with a provisional licence.

Jamie’s Mother says:

“Jamie left school at 17. He had nearly finished his apprenticeship as a plumber and was thinking of going self-employed. He was a good worker and I know he would have done well.

We were very, very close. Even his friends told me that they were envious of the fact that he could talk to me about anything.

He was a really thoughtful lad and cared about his friends and his family; in fact that very day he had planned to go and get his little sister, Ellen, a birthday present.

He had breakfast with me that morning and I will never forget him, sitting on his motorbike with his gear on outside the house saying goodbye. “See you later son, love you.” “Same back Mum.”

If I could stop one family going through this hell I would do it.”